Educating the Next Generation of Veterinarians

Did you know that on average, less than one hour is spent on end-of-life training in 4 years of veterinary school? Dr. Goldberg is committed to inspiring and training veterinary students in the areas of geriatrics, hospice & palliative care, euthanasia proficiency, end-of-life ethics, and pet loss support. When you support Whole Animal, you support this educational objective, and training of the next generation of compassionate end-of-life veterinary care providers. Dr. Goldberg recently presented an evening lecture to a group of veterinary students at Cornell, co-sponsored by three student activities groups.

Look at what they had to say:

“We just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for coming to talk to us in September about euthanasia. You were incredibly engaging and really gave us a great intro about what euthanasia is and should be. You offered a unique perspective abut the practical and ethical aspects of it and opened the door for some great discussion. Thank you for making us think.

–Small Animal Clinical Skills Club, AAHA, and Pet Loss Support”