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You are not alone in your struggle for answers or your grief. The following list of resources may be able to provide some information and comfort as you make important decisions for your pet.

If you feel you would benefit from individual counseling, please contact Dr. Goldberg. She provides individual consultations and can connect you with licensed professionals who are able to provide more extensive services to support you through difficult decision making, grief at any stage, or bereavement after the loss of your pet.

It is normal to feel overwhelmed. Whole Animal is here to make sure you get the support you need.


The Argus Institute at Colorado State University, Honoring the Bond at Ohio State University, and the Cornell Pet Loss Support Hotline have extensive book lists on their websites. 

Listed here are a few of our favorites:


Favorite Children’s Book

Pet Loss Support Resources


Relevant links are located in corresponding sections of this website – i.e. hospice organizations are linked within the hospice section, social work organizations are linked within the social work section. If you are looking for something and need assistance, please contact us.

Other Respected Professionals and Collaborators


Emergency/Critical Care

Hospice and Palliative Care

Integrative Care


Professional Wellness

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