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The first time I considered becoming a social worker was when I was mistaken for one,” says Katherine Goldberg ’18, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), who is studying for her master of social work (MSW) degree at Falk College. Goldberg was giving input during a discussion of euthanasia on the Veterinary Social Work listserv. “I…(Read More)

The death of a pet is a universal experience for those who share their lives with animals. In parallel with a rising interest in palliative medicine, hospice care and advance-care planning within human medicine, increasing attention is currently being given to serious illness and death within veterinary medicine. Our ability to prolong life has…(Read More)

Speaking of Loss

Dealing with clients grieving over the loss,  or impending loss, of a beloved pet is a routine occurrence in veterinary practices, yet the process can be extremely stressful for veterinarians and their staff. Kate Crumley, MS, DVM, immediate past president of AAHA points out, “Although veterinarians are naturally empathetic, we are not trained in the…(Read More)

Services are growing, but clients may not be aware. Pain management, massage therapy, sitter referrals, and family counseling are among the services offered by veterinary practices focusing on end-of-life care, an emerging field described by the International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care (IAAHPC) as “exploding.” In spite of the increased number…(Read More)

Saying Good-Bye

Bark magazine has published Dr. Goldberg’s story “Saying Goodbye”, a piece about palliative care featuring Whole Animal patient Stryker, and his family. This exposure within mainstream media is a huge leap forward for veterinary palliative care in general, as well as Whole Animal and the Ithaca community specifically…(Read More)

Tripawds, the support community for amputee pets, is exploring veterinary hospice this week! Dr. Goldberg’s guest blog is online now,and she will be interviewed on Saturday…(Read More)

Ithaca’s own Dr. Goldberg has launched the Veterinary Society for Hospice & Palliative Care with her close friend & colleague, Dr. Page Yaxley of Michigan State University. This is the only professional veterinary organization dedicated to the advancement of hospice & palliative care, and is laying the groundwork for recognition as a boarded veterinary…(Read More)

Today I had the honor of supporting some dear friends through the palliated, but not hastened, dying process of their cat. She was the ultimate “tough girl” – a barn cat turned beloved family member, a creature who resisted medical interventions at every turn, at one time requiring 3 people to do the typically 1…(Read More)

This week, I had the interesting experience of being told that vets have been doing this kind of work for eons, and that hospice & palliative care for pets is really nothing new. As an educator in this field, and passionate changemaker for end-of-life care for animals & their families, I found this…(Read More)

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