Dr. Goldberg Ithaca Journal Interview

The Ithaca Journal sat down with Dr. Goldberg for a chat about her work and the future of veterinary hospice and palliative care. This audio file is about 40 minutes long, and addresses issues such as:

  • What is hospice & palliative care for pets?
  • Is it anything new, or has this care been around for a while?
  • How does hospice & palliative care fit in with general veterinary care?
  • What is the future of hospice & palliative care within the academic veterinary community?
  • How does hospice care reflect upon the changing relationships with our pets, as well as the economic reality of the veterinary profession?
  • How can palliative medicine help to mitigate communication challenges between veterinarians and clients at the end of life?

Click here to listen to the interview.