Student Feedback

“One of the more important and practical lectures we received!”

“The best approach to euthanasia that I have had the pleasure of hearing.”

“Easily my favorite lecture of the course.”

“Dr. Goldberg was one of the best speakers I’ve heard since being at the vet school.”

“Absolutely fantastic speaker – embodies a great role model for the type of thinking that is so important in this profession.”

“Absolute favorite talk of the class.”

“She gave voice to many of my own misgivings about the cavalier way we sometimes approach euthanasia in vet med.”

“This was one of the best lectures I have ever seen. This is a topic that all veterinarians should be comfortable talking about.”

“Amazing! It made me think about different elements of euthanasia I wouldn’t have otherwise even considered.”

“Dr. Goldberg offers an incredible opportunity for students to learn about this area of medicine that is such a large part of what we’ll be doing every day in our professional careers.”

“It would be a disservice to us and our future patients to go out into the veterinary world without knowledge about palliative medicine.”

“This class is a vital aspect of our curriculum.”

“Dr. Goldberg is entertaining and her capacity for empathy is uncommon and remarkable. We need more Dr. Goldbergs in the world!”

“Totally radical and fabulous.”