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I am so moved by the tremendous response I have already received after the Community Pet Memorial Service today that I wanted to write this entry while the images of today are still fresh. What an afternoon! I had many hopes for this event, but the implementation is always in question until it happens. Creating…(Read More)

Griffy was Dr. Katherine Goldberg companion for years. The Bernese Mountain dog provided comfort and companionship on long walks in a field outside of her apartment, especially on days when she questioned the wisdom of pursuing veterinary medicine! And, he celebrated her successful completion of the program by walking with her at graduation. When Griffy…(Read More)

I am often asked how to help children cope with loss, and how they typically grieve for animals. I am constantly amazed by the tenderness, and maturity with which even very young children deal with this important life transition. Recently, I had the pleasure of helping a family with the passing of their beloved Marleydog…(Read More)

Did you know that on average, less than one hour is spent on end-of-life training in 4 years of veterinary school? Dr. Goldberg is committed to inspiring and training veterinary students in the areas of geriatrics, hospice & palliative care, euthanasia proficiency, end-of-life ethics, and pet loss support. When you support…(Read More)

Animal Hospice is getting recognized by papers as notable as the NY Times. Read on… ODY died peacefully last year, Nov. 29. He was 14 and a half. Truth be told, Ody didn’t just die. I killed him. I paid a vet to come to my house and inject a chemical solution into a…(Read More)

For many years, Katherine Goldberg, DVM, worked in veterinary critical and intensive care units. As she found herself becoming increasingly interested in the stories behind the emergencies, she was moved to make a difference for terminally ill pets. In 2010, she founded Whole Animal Veterinary Hospice Services, a practice whose mission is to provide compassionate…(Read More)

There is a natural relationship between veterinary oncology & hospice care. No matter which treatment options are elected or declined for a pet with cancer, the inevitability of death is present. How will we cope with our pet’s cancer once remission can no longer be achieved with advances in veterinary oncology? When will we…(Read More)

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