Client Feedback

“Dr. Goldberg gave us permission to be in anguish. She combined the medical and the social and psychological and the messy and the human and she just dealt with it. I’ve known a lot of vets. Dr. Goldberg is in a class by herself.”

-F. Parsons

“Katherine and her work are an incredible gift. She is so smart, so kind, so thoughtful, so patient, so educated and experienced. I suspect she is on the leading edge of finding new approaches to work with humans and pets in navigating the treatment and dying processes in ways that honor everyone.  She has facilitated the treatment, discernment and decision making for three of my animals now – each very different from the others – and there is simply no one else I would call.”

-R. Weger

“Katherine has a specialist’s knowledge of the problems of older pets that goes beyond standard veterinary care.”

-M. Luckow

“You provided everything that I needed in caring for Gus at the end of his life and therefore, everything that he needed to have an exceptional quality of life until he died. My heart is filled with gratitude for all that you did. You are so good at what you do – kind, compassionate, professional but personal. The community and world are a better place for having you.”

-S. Ladd

“Your kindness and caring made a tragic situation bearable and even comforting. Your service is invaluable.”

-W. Ramin

“We can’t thank you enough for your extraordinarily compassionate care of Sadie (and us!). It was such a gift to us that she was so well cared for in the comfort of her own house by someone she trusted. She seemed to sense that you were there to help us, and we are so grateful that she spent her final days as pain-free and fear-free as possible. Thank you for being such a caring, supportive and helpful presence for our family and for doing the work that you do – it is so important!”

-A. & S. Kenaley

“I am filled with sadness, but so glad that you helped Bryce pass peacefully, without further suffering and discomfort. You are doing wonderful, incredibly meaningful work. Thank you.”

-S. Wiser