Professional Feedback

“Goldberg’s lecture on the Goals of Care Conversation is one that I would characterize as the single lecture with the power to change the most lives that I have attended at any conference ever.”

“What a tremendously important subject, covered so informatively and accessibly and engagingly.”

“Conversation Guide! One of the most useful bits of info for me to take home from the entire conference. Wonderful speaker, wanted to hear more!”

“Enthusiastic and contagious.”

“Lots of food for thought. It has made me reconsider how I currently approach euthanasia and end of life decisions and how I can be doing a much better job.”

“Dynamic speaker. Thought provoking.”

“Great speaker on a topic that does not get enough attention.”

“By far the best speaker of the day. Please bring her back next year.”

“Katherine is great! Kept me fully engaged and willing to learn.”

“I found it interesting that our practice is pretty much dealing with hospice patients – more than I realized. Will start implementing many ideas/suggestions from this seminar.”

“Great talk, speaker passionate about topic and it shows.”

“Very interesting and important topic – a wealth of information and resources provided.”

“A large amount of valuable information, things that I’ve never considered.”

“This information is extremely useful and much needed in our profession.”

“Practical, reasoned, real life, thought provoking.”

“She was the star of the conference.”

“Fantastic, passionate speaker, please return next year!”

“This was wonderful. Could have listened for another hour.”

“Excellent speaker, engaged, funny, loved her!”

“This was my favorite lecture of the day.”

“Loved this seminar. Very awakening and awareness enhancing.”

“This was a phenomenal presentation. I do hospice and palliative care already, and was not sure if I would learn anything, but she taught at the perfect level – great for someone who has never done it, or does it every day.”

“Thank you Dr Goldberg for the path you have chosen. Our profession needs you!”